Imagination Tints

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 There is so much confidence and grace in effortless beauty.  Say hello to our Imagination Tints--pigmented, vegan and all-natural staples for the carefree and the imaginative. 

Inspired by Italo Calvino's short story "The Distance of the Moon", Moon Nectar provides a sheer, luminous glow like when you are outside, bathing under the full moon's light. Moon Nectar can be sheered down and built up. Formulated with the best intentions for your glow, castor oil, jojoba oil, carnauba wax, non-nano mica, non-nano zinc oxide and organic rosemary extract.


Zephyr is a bronze tint inspired by what we imagine summers in the 70s must've been like: easy road trips in beat up vans, golden sunsets by the beach, good vibrations. Originally intended to be a bronzer, we discovered it could be so much more--a long wearing cream eyeshadow, a highlighter, a finishing touch to lipsticks that seem too bright for your current mood. An easy all-arounder. This is made with brown iron oxide, castor oil, jojoba oil, carnauba wax, non-nano mica, non-nano zinc oxide and organic rosemary extract. 

Reef is one of our first formulations, concocted out of the need for a makeup bag staple. This is a deep, deep garnet with a hint of brown, and, pigmented as it is, can actually be sheered down if you want to take baby steps towards deep, vampy lips. As such, this one is very versatile, and has been an essential in our (and our loving customers') bags. Made with alkanet root-infused sweet almond oil, Australian reef red clay, carnauba wax, shea butter, cocoa butter, non-nano mica, non-nano zinc oxide and organic rosemary extract.

*NEW! Myth provides a natural rose gold glow, if there ever was one. Beautiful on top of cheek blush, as a highlighter and as a cream eyeshadow. 



We do not test on animals, only on (willing) friends!