As a small niche brand, it can be quite intimidating to put myself out there for the world to see. As a fan of quaint, specialized brands, it can be challenging to find the brands I’d like to support all under one roof. And so I set up an intimate, cozy pop-up at the Suez & Zapote gallery with some of the ladies/makers/thinkers/doers I am so inspired by. I also love the fact that I know these ladies and their brands attract people with the same energies–imagine that, all of vibrating to the same frequencies in a nice little space!

The Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest goods.

Cupping rare coffees by The Ephemera Coffee Trade.

I am a sucker for soft batch cookies, and these cookies by Sweet Leaf are magnificent.

Feanne's silkscreened kimonos and silk scarves!

I illustrated for a book written by Chinggay Labrador, and it is called Zeke & The Pirates--such a lovely story for kids and those young at heart (us, hopefully!). Chinggay also did tarot reading in the afternoon.

Bodyfood All-Natural goods!

Pierra Labrador's self-published book called 'The Heartbreak Diaries' made even more beautiful by Celdee's illustrations. I also made a limited edition fragrance called 'Darling' for the book.

Beautiful Dandy Ona jewelry by Mansy Abesamis was sold there, too!


Very happy with how the even came to be--a meeting of happy sellers and happy people who appreciate hand made products done with a lot of love.  I don't know when the next one will be yet, but I hope to see if/when there's a next one?