Just in: M A Y A

While playing around my little apothecary corner one afternoon (as I usually do days when I find days that I didn't schedule any work), I mindlessly mixed a little bit of this and that* to find/smell something that resembled a more floral version of mangoes! Like a more floral green mango shake, to be precise. A beautiful, serendipitous, carefree accident.
*This and that is a blend of juniper berries, sampaguita and geranium. How beautiful it is to find the sampaguita (the national flower of the Philippines, the Jasmine Sambac) in a blend that smells like mangoes (the national fruit of the Philippines)! It took me quite a long time to think of what to name this scent. While I was meditating over it with a nice big glass of green mango shake on my patio, a couple of maya birds (very common little brown birds here in the Philippines, a national bird as well) dropped by the tree next to me, as if hinting to me.
So it is with patriotic honor I share with you Maya--a scent that I imagine wafts through the air during hot summer days in the province. Where the breeze you feel is from those little woven fans, and as you perspire you see that your glass of cold, cold drink perspires with you and drips into the table.
Maya is slightly sweet (with a little tang is I may say so myself) and playful, a little powdery and fruity, and very uplifting. I infused it with marigold flowers, as I feel its hue represents how I feel about it very well. I only have a couple of bottles now, up for grabs at the store!