Pay the love forward.

I love everything I do for this brand so much and I just want to create in peaceful solace here in my little corner of the world. But to get these little loves out into the world, that is a different story. That requires me to interact with people, some very inspiring, the others unreliable. Pursuing this passion is easy, because passion is passion. The heart wants what the heart wants. It's sustainability that can be tough--it can be difficult to sustain or even set up a small business in these conditions (ah paperwork, ah bureaucracy), and even more challenging working with external contractors (i.e, finding suppliers you can really count on--why is it so hard??).

These external factors, they make me question this route I am trying to take, every now and then. But every time I question my path, I get literal messages from the universe. More specifically, from work associates who have since become incredibly good friends in my life.

Just this morning I woke up to emails and messages, randomly sent in by friends, just talking about inspirations and the drive to arrive at things executed impeccably, about choosing the scarier but more nourishing path to the soul. I also got emails from customers who rave about the products! These also hug my heart. It takes me back to why I create what I create in the first place. Thank you universe, thank you friends and customers, thank you.

And if you are looking for a sign from the universe in your life, somehow, take a sign from me: the cliche of all cliches because this is the truest truth--follow your heart, and what you do will absorb all the love you put into it, and this love will be felt by those who support your product, your service. When you put out that much positive frequencies to the universe, it envelopes your world.

Good morning.